Elite Training Schedule
Performance and Strength Training

Customized Schedule

High School Elite Performance

The Advanced Training Program is designed for the middle and high school aged athletes, seeking to maximize their sports performance. Our program sessions are always initiated by a structured dynamic warm-up, self myofacial release and dynamic stretches. Active performance utilizes a combination of functional movement, speed and agility drills coupled with power and strength exercises which are performed in a supervised, structured and controlled environment making it the ideal training regimen for any serious athlete.

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Youth Sports Conditioning

Adult Group Fitness

Advanced Sports Conditioning

Group Training Schedule

Performance and Strength Training

Saturday morning Men and Women

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The training curriculum includes separate classes for Hitting and Fielding and involves the following skill development:

Hitting: grip, bat placement, stance, head placement, timing mechanism, upper and lower body mechanics, Introduction to situational hitting, bunting, and hitting for power.

Fielding: Fielding stance and rhythm, feet and head position, head and arm action, backhand, forehand, throwing on the run, slow rollers and deep throws, outfield drop step, crow hop, and proper pursuit angles.

These classes are designed for three levels - Youth 6 years old up to 9, Youth 10 years old up to 12 and 13-17 years and are offered at  Champion Performance Training  (see Training Schedule for details).

Team training and pitching/catching lessons are also available as well as facility rental.

Advanced Training Schedule
Performance and Strength Training

Weds. 6:30m-8:00pm
Sun. 6:30pm-8:00pm​

Baseball & Softball Training

Our program includes a variety of exercises employing all muscle groups and challenging cardiovascular capacity in order to improve your overall fitness level. Group fitness allow for all fitness levels but encourage progress to higher levels of fitness capability with fast and effective results. Whether you have health or medical reasons for fitness, want to lose weight, or you just want to improve your overall fitness, this is the program for you!

We utilize many methods to reach our goals such as
• Stretching / Flexibility
• Cardiovascular Training
• Core Training
• Plyometric Exercises
• Circuit Training
• Resistance Training
• Strength
• Endurance

Youth Baseball / Softball Conditioning

Performance and Strength Training

Weds. 5:15pm-6:45pm

Sun. 5:15pm-6:45pm

The Elite Performance Training Program is designed for college and professional athletes who are aspiring to reach the ultimate level of personal sports performance. The Elite Performance Training Program is a 2 to 4 day per week commitment implemented during an off-season period. Training sessions are conducted in a group setting with personalized program based on each athlete’s needs, goals and requirements.

Champion Performance Training

3410 Florence Cir, Powder Springs

Georgia 30127

(470) 334-6304

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Our focus in the Youth Sports conditioning Program is to lay a solid foundation for current and future athletic participation.
The curriculum for this level of training is specifically designed for players that are ages 6-12 years old. Our unique and structured Training Program provides a great foundation for any young player to develop greater athleticism which leads to much greater performance during game play.